• Recently the question was raised whether anybody ever had encountered a negative scientific -peer reviewed- study involving Cytori´s processing device Celution, which had been-as written- unfavorable i.e. negative in its conclusions.

    In order to be able to give a substantiated answer to this question, one really has to know first which scientific- peer reviewed- papers do exist on the subject, so since I have been rather involved with the art of interrogating databases, I did so with the pretty substantial- and complete PubMed database. Off late the DB has been returning more and more publications from Private Investigator clinics and it is very likely that the funnel of these investigations has been growing and growing and beats the quality of Cytori´s past own investigations by many many miles. But also, that funnel will also "spit out" more results in the near future- Cugat -as an example- is expected any day now with his ACL results.

    So- it starts to be interesting to put FOCUS on what is being issued in the various scientific journals of the globe, in order to be able to glimps at Cytori´s platform future. 

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