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The category "Research Notes" will be used for exactly what the word says- articles written by the editor and other users as a result of private initiative to achieve knowledge and know-how on a specific scientific i.e. medical or related topic concerning Cytori or regenerative medicine in general, which means as an example, the topic can also be of a regulatory nature.  Generally this subject has made a lot of fun in the past, since ADRCs and the Cytori Technology has been very rewarding in its future potential and what the cells all can do. Simply magic, which cannot be said of Management and BOD performance over the past 15 years.

During the same time frame, your editor have travelled the web a lot in search of news, scientific papers or simply knowledge on adult stem cells and other technologies, which had my interest. Some of its results have been documented in articles written for similar websites like this one. This page is version 3 of using CMS technology (Joomla), but I still possess plenty of Dreamweaver stuff hidden on my harddisk which might be useful going forward, so quite some content can be expected, which I will chronologically post under the heading of "Research Notes". Of course- here, only Research Notes will be presented as it concerns Cytori, since I still believe I will be the historian, who has a fair chance of describing a Company and its technology, which can- and will be important on a Global level in view of the disruptive nature of its technology.

The History of the Breast Reconstruction Application

At the closing of the Olympus hardware deal in November 2005, "super-charged" soft tissue transfer wasnt really in the picture of shareholders at all. During the CC of this event the first mention thereof was made as well as the potential of the fistula after Crohn´s and PVD (Peripheral Vascular Disease) applications.

Marc Hedrick mentioned in this conference call- "in addition, plastic and reconstructive surgery and prevascular surgery also represent important digital clinical opportunities that are still in the pre-clinical stage"

Yes-sometime in 2005 (at the time that Olympus was doing its due-diligence) somebody must have gotten the idea, that this type of low hanging fruit was an important part of the technology use and started investigations on graft retention for breast reconstruction after lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. Cytori soon started pre-clinical work on that and in April 2006 Cytori scientist Dr. Min Zhu presented the results of fatgraft retention in rodents at a plastic surgery conference in Miami. The announcement thereof you can read here. LINK HERE

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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away
The One That Got Away
If there is one thing that MDs and scientists who briefly experiment with fat cells agree upon with their colleagues who devote most of their lives studying these cells than it would be - yes- they seem to improve blood flow nicely. But why that is, has never really been all that clear. When Zuk et al plated the approx. 2% of plastic adherent SVF back in 2001/2 they apparently also did not know, which was evidenced approx. 4 years later in 2006, when UCLA  and Pittsburgh scientists battled in court with the ownership of the invention of the stromal part in SVF at stake. Pittsburgh won that battle, since they could produce a laboratory piece of paper with the handwritten note "Mesenchymal cell?" on it and Judge Consuela Marshall decided to become a free-lance scientist by suggesting that the MSCs must have travelled to the fat from the marrow and just changed properties slightly due to their new environment. Escaping "patent profanity"- patent lawyers call that. Neat story, but nowadays we know better thanks to the monumental work of Dr. Arnold Caplan from 2011- The Mesenchymal Stem Cell- an Injury Drugstore- which you can download at the bottom of this article.
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10x Your Wildest Dreams

10x Your Wildest Dreams
10x Your Wildest Dreams

Was an assessment delivered by Lloyd Dean, Chairman of the Cytori Board of Directors concerning the future stockprice of Cytori, during the annual meeting of shareholders in August 2011. Made at a time that most shareholders were moaning about the lack of execution of Cytori management and exactly this guy- certainly not the least influencial- and one of the most  respected CEO´s  in the healthcare space in the US (Catholic Healthcare West- in charge of 12 Billion of Assets and said to have personal "access" to President Obama)- wanted us to believe that Cytori had an excellent management team, for which as of to date- early March 2012 -due to lacking indications (that is relevant news) in respect of accomplishments, no substance to that statement has been provided or can be shown.

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Hardcore- The Power of the Gemisch

The Power of the Gemisch
The Power of the Gemisch

This article is 100% hardcore- rather technical, so really for the happy few with ambitions to understand all that jazz. On the other hand, the introduction and its message is provided in the first half, which is really very simple- i.e. fact is, that Cytori management has regarded its shareholders as "dumbo´s" for many years. Has deceived them with "simplicity", keyword- "ischemia or bloodflow", which in itself is totally off-base in respect of the potency of the cell-mix. In the mean time having private investigators unfold and PROVE the gigantic potential of the Gemisch (German: mix), which gemisch can do so much more and really possess a significant ability to regulate the immune system and combat inflammation.. The "solely ischemic" strategy brought the Company on the edge of financial collaps at several occasions in the past, due to concentration of efforts in CHF, which is very expensive per patient and which patients are already severely weakened by toxic conventional medicines, which focus resulted in heavy dilution, since they were "smelling the inflection point", instead of selecting the appropriate disorder fitting to the technology. And I guess everybody understands that.

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