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Sunday, 21 February 2016 16:53

Media Articles and PPS

The media and PPS section on is split up in a few components.

The first category will cover "media classics" -i.e articles that appeared somewhere on the web during the past ten years or so and were not only well written, but also had an understanding of the future potential of Cytori.

The second category is real "classic" and old..LOL  My own Newsletters from the early web publishing days, when a lot of us, were thinking 40$ Stock price relatively fast. At present- February 2016, we have seen 13,5 cents as PPS...the journey to the stars has crashed on mother earth and we are -lets say-regrouping....

The third category will have a few tools for trade- and chart junkies...Confused 

Thats all- have fun reading.

Sunday, 21 February 2016 14:52

Half a Can of Coke

Half a can of coke of fat tissue extracted from the subcuteneous part of the belly, is the standard introduction by all presenters of Cytori managers at Investor conferences over the past eight years, when they start describing what amount of fat is needed from a patient before that fat is processed by Celution to extract a therapeutic dose of regenerative cells for a medical application.
I still do not know what size can of coke is actually referred to, but it has been stated at various occasions, that even with skinny persons it is no problem at all to harvest 250 to 300 cc of fat from the subcutaneous part of the belly. More is generally assumed to be no issue at all too.
In light of the recent decision by Cytori to have ATHENA II following the completion of the cardiac ischemia clinic ATHENA with a higher dose of ADRCs (most likely influenced by outside sources either FDA or potential partner) , it is certainly interesting to have a closer look at the issues surrounding the extraction of ADRCs with Celution and determine what is possible and what might provide issues. Clear is that Cytori in the past ALWAYS has preached that 20-30 Mio viable cells was most likely the optimal dose for the cardiac application, due to limited availability of endogeneous receptor cells, which are assumed to have by means of cell-to-cell interaction, its most effective therapeutic mechanism of action. 


Tuesday, 16 February 2016 16:56

Cytori- The Company

This section -Cytori-The Company- describes many- and most likely- the most important aspects of the corporate entity Cytori Therapeutics. From its not so brilliant history and years as a listed Company (>16 years now as we speak- early 2016, thereof 5 listed in Germany and 11 on Nasdaq), to its management responsible for its development, its board which guided that management during those days and "represented shareholders", its mission and location and its partners- past, present and future and many other topics relevant to the Company, primarily its technology which separates it from Competition.  The development technology as well as all applications will be described on, another web presence of yours truly.
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 05:19

Daily Real Time PPS and Volume

If you are not a global investor and trader that uses the tools made available by the probably best (and cheapest) broker- Interactive Brokers- you need some alternatives of course. is an excellent source for data- not only for webmasters, but also for the average investor.















Friday, 20 April 2012 12:48 CYTX Chart widget

The stock price development has been a nightmare for most long term investors, except if one was a trader or short specialist.

The stock has been diluted in a massive way during the past 7 years or so and always at bargain prices when Wallstreet could smell that capital was needed by the Company and choose to drive the PPS down accordingly before financial management of CYTX realized the same and had to dilute near all-time-lows.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 06:50

CYTX: a Low Risk Stem Cell Play

The biotech company has had successful clinical trials yet is unloved by the market. Here's why investors should start a position now.

Written by James Anderson

Typically, early-stage biotech companies are considered to have a binary outcome. If successful with the first product that enters clinical trials the company moves on to raise more money through stock sales, enter a partnership with a large pharmaceutical company, or sell the company. In each case, investors do well. However, if the first product fails in its clinical trial, there is a good chance the company will run out of money and fail. Hence, it’s binary -- all or nothing.

Stem cell therapies have been garnering significant attention as the field of regenerative medicine starts to evolve. As one would expect, there are a number of start-up biotech companies in the field.

Saturday, 14 April 2012 16:45

Sign-on SD: Stem Cells from Fat

San Diego's Cytori banks on a new process to help damaged hearts

Getting rid of that spare tire around your middle could help your heart in more ways than you might expect, according to a San Diego biotechnology company.

Cytori Therapeutics has developed a machine that pulls stem cells and other regenerative cells out of fat so they can be re-injected into the body to repair tissue damaged by heart attack or disease.

Several studies, including some in which Cytori scientists have participated, have shown that stem cells and other regenerative material from fat can help build blood supply and restore blood flow to cardiac muscle that has been damaged by a heart attack.

Friday, 13 April 2012 11:33

The Analyst´s view

On January 24, 2010 Joe Feshbach (picture- here with his wife Cindy) published an article on his Instablog at Seeking Alpha, written by his friend, former investment banker and author of the book "Lost Star of Myth and Time"- Walter Cruttenden. An absolute classic for believers in Cytori technology. Joe was one of those believers and after attending the first Cellsociety annual meeting in San Diego in February 2011 decided with his brother Matt and other investors, to put his money where his "believes" were and started to organize the construction of a cardiac clinic on the Bahama´s using Cytori tech- i.e.Celution One. Unfortunately Joe suffered a massive heart attack on August 8 2011 whilst on a biketrip and never could see his plans come to fruition.   

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